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rangoli designs

rangoli kolam

Sanskrit Word Meanings

kolam designs

Kolams for festivals
kolam,muggulu,rangoli designs

Sanskrit Theasuries


Hindus observe fast whole day in the name of God is known as Upavasam. They take only Milk, Water and Fruits. Some devoters don’t take even drop of a water.

Jagarana :

Hindus don’t sleep at the night of Shivaratri festival. This is called Jagarana.

Abishekam :

Abishekam is very important in puja of Lord Siva. He likes very much the Abishekam. Abishekam means pouring liquid (water, milk, honey. Ghee. Etc.)on Statue of God or ritual bath

Magha :

As per telugu calendar there twelve months in one year named I) Chaitram II) Vaishakam III) Jhestam IV) Ashadam V) Shravanam VI) Badhrapadam VII) Ashwayujam VIII) Margashiram IX) Kartikam X) Pushyam XI) Magham XII) palgunam Magham is the eleventh month of the year. These months are counted as per lunar phases. One month has 28days. 1st day is called Amavasya (Moonless day) 2nd day is called Padyami 3rd day is called vidiya Tadiya Chaviti Panchami Shashti Saptami Ashtami Navami Dasami Ekadasi Dvadasi Trayodasi Chaturdasi Pournami (Full moon day) Padyami The first fifteen day of the months is called Shukla Paksham, and second fifteen days from Pournami to Chaturdasi is called Krishna Paksham.

Puja or Pooja:

This means to worship God. Hindu worship the God by doing Puja. In this puja they flowers on God, and haldi Kumkum also. They lit the oil lamp, karpuram and insence sticks. They offer Nivedyam to God. All this process called as Puja.


To worship of God Hindus a take small dist like in photo take a wick in that and pour oil and lit it. This is called Deepam. The worship done by Deepam is called Deeparadhana.

Maredu dalalu:

Maredu means wood apple or Aegle marmelos. The stalk of three leaves of wood apple called maredu dalalu. Wood apple tree is holy tree for Hindus. They believes that Lord Shiva stays in wood apple tree. They don’t kick this tree and they don’t touch this leaves with their feet.


The food offered to God is known as Nivedyam for Nevedyam devotees uses sweets fruits, sugar etc. After offering the eatables thing to God, the devotees take that and give it to all other devotees. This is called Prasadam.


A Vedic scholar, who is a expert in Vedic knowledge.


An ancient days people use to send their children Gurukulam for their education Gurukulam is residential school.


Nandhi is vehicle of Lord Shiva. He is always stay before the Shiva out of the main temple.


Vibudhi made from the dung of a cow with burning of dried cow dung in human(holistic fire) that become holy ash. People use this as Vibudi they put this on their forehead. Lord Shiva’s devotees put the Vibudi as three straight lines to forehead. And Lord Vishnu devotees put three perpendicular lines to their forehead.


Kamadevudu was a son of Lord Vishnu love of God and passion. He known as Manmadhudu, Kamadevudu and Vasantudu. Manmadhudu measn that of all hearts. He is the God of passion (Kamam is Sanskrit) os he called Kamadeva. Heis of spring (Vasantam in Telugu). That’s why he known as Vasantudu.
Kamadevudu is depicted with his bow of sugarcane having the string of a live of humming bess and arrow shafts are topped with passion that pierce the heart. The diety offered sandalwood paste to cool off the pain of his fatal burns. Kamadevudu has six types alrows, those are Harshanam, Rochanam, Mohanam, Shohana and Maranam.


Sun travells 12 Rashis in one year entering of in a rashi or Jodiac sign in called sankramanam. Sun travells in rashis as given below.
Mesham Aries Mar 21 - April 20
Vrishabam Tarous April 21- May 21
Mitunam Gemini May 22 - June 21
Karkatakam Cancer June 22 - July 23
Simham Leo July 24 - Aug 23
Kanya Virgo Aug 24 - Sep 23
Tula Libra Sep 24 - Oct 23
Vrishtikam Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22
Dhanussu Sagittarious Nov 23 - Dec 21
Makaram Capricon Dec 22 - Jan 20
Kumbham Aquarious Jan 21 - Feb 19
Meenam Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20

Nava Dhanyalu:

Nine types food grains. These are symbolic to nine planets of Hundu puranas. Sun
Mars - Red Gram or Green Gram
Saturn - Black Gram

Bhogi Pallu:

A mix of bhir fruits, red date, jujubee pices of sugar crane are called Bhogi Pallu.


On Bhogi and sankranti Hindus made Gobbillu with shit of cow. And put these gobbillu on centre of Muggu.


Actually Haridasu a begger but he has very specaility on Sankranti. He wears Dhoti (Bottom wearing garment). He looks like Naradamuni as in Purans. He puts one big bowl like pumpkin shape, on his head. Haridasu is a symbloic of Lord Vishnu. His bowl symbolic to earth. This symbolic that the Lord says to us that I am hear to make you happy. So don’t worry. I will lift you whenever you have sorrows. When Haridasu takes the begging this the says ‘KrishnarPanam’. This word means that everything in the world belongs to Lord.

Gangireddulu & Janagamayyalu:

Gangireddu is a decorational Ox. This is symbol of Vechicle of Lord Shiva Nandi. People of named Gangireddulu vallu beg and bless each family.
Jangamayyalu are symbols of Lord Shiva. They walk one home to another and beg food grains. They blessed all and gives bibhudhi powder to all.


for this festival Ugadi people make a stage with clustered apple sticks they take foru stick on four sides and on the top they put small mango branches on bottom they wash with water and make design with muguu (a special flour used to draw design on the vakili(vakili means it is a ground infront of the main door).


Kankanas means like a bracelet. But it made by mango leaves and thread. Take thread with five lines. And mango leaves on the middle of the thread and bloosms with turemic powder. People tie this on their wrist.

Doppalu is a special thing for this festival. They mades these with banyan leaves. They take two banyan leaves oppositly and stich it two sides with thin bamboo sticks.

Mangala Harati:
Mangala harati is a song people perform mangla harati marrieges and other important occasions of manstabe these are devotional songs.
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